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Auto Power Factor Correction

Power and Motor Control Center

Auto Power Factor Control Panels are extensively used in industries, commercial buildings, housing etc to improve power factor. The constantly rising power tariff and penalties imposed by the State Electricity Boards/Utility companies make imperative for any HT & LT Industry/Consumer to install an automatic power factor controller system for curtailment of power factor penalty and also to save energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor. Low power factor leads to poor power efficiency thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. This result in overloading of transformer, bus bars, switchgears, cables and other distribution devices within the Industry or consumer area. We have wide range ofAPFC Panels with 4 stage, 6 stage, 8 stage & 14 stage controllers available in the range of 20KVAr to 500KVAr with built in surge suppression network for each switch to suppress the dangerous surges generated while operating power factor correction.

The advantages of operating your entire factory with APFC Panels are:
The design features of ourAPFC Panels are: